Website For Non Profit Organizations

Create an influential and impactful online presence for the cause you stand!

Brand Strengthening 

Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind. We help with our strategies to strengthen your brand image and value

Consultation & Support

Even the largest army is nothing without a good general. We provide your organization legal, strategic and technical assistance at no cost.

Revenue Growth

Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together. We see an average of 37% revenue growth in organizations we help.

It Seeks Discipline Which We Exhibit

It’s pretty easy to find a freelancer or firm willing work on your Website Development project nowadays. Finding an agency in design and development which has expertise in the best practices and has design aesthetics is still an uphill battle. Building websites for not-for-profit organizations require a high degree of obsession towards the cause the organization is working for. We work on every single aspect like an artist works on every inch of the canvas and bring you the website which you are not only proud of but also see motivating people connecting with your cause and supporting it. Because we tell your story to the world with our work.

From academic causes to art & culture, health-care, sanitation, animal husbandry, catastrophe relief, environment and micro-financing, we have have been effective for a handful of enthusiastic organizations in getting their work known to world.

NGO Website Development

Every Website We Build Is Supercharged!


The website of your non profit organization should be secure and hacker-proof. We understand this fact and take extreme care to secure your website. 


Internet sees over 60% usage from handheld devices like smartphones and tablets. It's crucial that your NGO should render every page of the website responsively on all devices.

SEO Optimized

You might have the sweetest fruit to offer and that too for free. But people do not notice until you make some noise. We optimize each page of the website so that Google loves you!

Integrated Payment Gateway

All the not-for-profit organizations we have worked with have inegrated with a secure Payment Gateway. With Bank level security we have your back.

Fundraiser Ready

Donations and fundraiser are important to run an NGO. We provide you an in-house fundraiser platfrom so that you can keep track of donations.

Integrated Social Media

Social media has been truly instrumental when an SME has to reach out to a larger target audience with minimal investment.

Some Of Our Recent Collaborations
Bright Future Society
Arunachal Pradesh Seva Sangh
Mahila Seva Sangh

Not Yet Convinced?

People say that actions speak louder than words. But sometimes, we would still love to hear the words and see actions at the same time, because words without actions are empty and actions without words are confusing. Uncertainty is the most stressful feeling. Do not stress yourself any further. Talk to us by arranging a call back.